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DJAG Legal Services Survey Form



What does DJAG stand for?

Department of Justice & Attorney General.

What is the Vision and Mission for the department?

Vision: To create a Just, Safe and Secure Society for all.

Mission: Delivering excellent legal and justice service to the State and the people of Papua New Guinea.

What basic service does DJAG provide for the country?

DJAG is the central agency of government responsible for Legal and Justice Administration services which impact on individuals, agencies and instrumentalities of the State at all levels of the PNG society.

Does the Office of the State Solicitor and the Office of the Solicitor General play the same roles?

No. They are two separate offices within DJAG and they play different roles.

What is the role of a State litigation lawyer in DJAG?

They appear as advocates for the State in all claims by and against the State in a court of law.

Does DJAG have other offices in other parts of the country?

Yes, in all four regions.