The Legal Policy & Governance Branch (LPG Branch) is a newly created Branch under the White Paper on Law & Justice Sector (White Paper). The LPG Branch was formerly the Executive Services and Administrative Law Branch (commonly known as Executive Services Branch).

The LPG Branch has inherited all of the work previously undertaken by the then Executive Services Branch, including new matters related to legal policy, some of which are discussed below.

Our Main Functions and Responsibilities are:

  1. Developing legislative proposals that fall within the portfolio responsibility of the Minister and implementing the policy objectives and legislative program of the Minister for Justice, including the establishment of an independent anti-corruption authority, whistle blower protections, capital punishment, and assisting with the establishment of a human rights commission.
  2. Provide legal policy and legislative assistance to other areas within the portfolio responsibility of the Minister for Justice.
  3. Researching and developing proposals to give effect to new policy initiatives and agendas, and developing implementing legislation where necessary, particularly in relation to administrative justice issues.
    • These includes administering the Mutual Assistance in Criminal matters Act 2005 and the Extradition Act 2005 as the central authority for mutual assistance in criminal matters and extradition; monitoring the implementation of the Proceeds of Crime Act and related matters; Implementation of relevant international obligations such as UN Conventions against Anti-Corruption and Suppression of Terrorist Financing; UN Convention on Transnational Organized Crime etc.
  1. Provision of legal opinion and advice on any legal issues that may arise as requested or directed by or through the Secretary & Attorney General and or the Minister (As a general rule, legal advice is provided by the Office of the State Solicitor. However, the Secretary or the Minister may request the LPG Branch to provide legal advice in certain instances).
  2. Provision and facilitation of certain executive and administrative services on behalf of the Minister.
  3. Representing the Attorney General, Secretary and the Department on various external Committees, Investigations, Reviews, Commissions of Inquiries etc.



LPGB Contact

All written correspondences should be addressed to:

Department of Justice & Attorney General
P O Box 591
National Capital District
For all enquiries: Level 9 Sir Buri Kidu Building Independence Drive Waigani Ph: (+675) 325 6304 Fax: 323 3661 Email:

Director -Legal Policy

Josephine Pitmur

Josephine Pitmur

Has been Legal Policy & Governance Branch Executive Director since 2013.
From East New Britain and Eastern Highlands Province.
Holds a Master of Public and International Law from the University of Melbourne, Australia and a  Bachelor of Laws Degree (LLB) from the University of Papua New Guinea(UPNG).