The purpose of this Brief is to inform you of the roles and functions of the Policy, Planning and Monitoring Branch.

Policy and Planning Unit

This Unit put together planning and budgeting document. The Annual Plan is the fiscal year plan that cascades from the Corporate Plan. The corporate plan usually a Five (5) Year Strategic Direction for the department is directly linked to the ‘whole of government’ planning documents (Vision 2050, DSP 2010 – 2030, MTDP III and the government of – the – day’s commitment; eg. The Alotau Accord II). Furthermore, it plays a vital role in the development and/or reviewing of internal policies hence technically provides expertise in policy formulation and/or reviewing of existing policies. The Unit also put together Budget Submission Write – Up for the following year for new and priority activities and/or projects which are part of the annual performance agreements that the Minister agrees upon with the Secretary for Justice in the last five year period (as per the Corporate Plan).


  • DJAG’s Corporate Plan,
  • DJAG’s Annual (Operational) Plan,
  • Mid – Year Review of Annual (Operational) Plan,
  • Review and/or development of DJAG’s Internal Policies,
  • Desk Top Calenders,
  • Annual Budget Submission Book, and
  • Policy Hand Book.

PPM Contacts

For more information, contact us on this address

Policy, Planning and Monitoring
Department of Justice & Attorney General
P O Box 591
Papua New Guinea
Telephone: 3012854

Executive Manager - PPM

Robert Tarube

Executive Manager
Policy Planning & Monitoring Branch since 2014
From Central Province.
Holds a Bachelor of Management (Divine Word University, PNG) and Diploma of Business (Frontline Management, Hunter Institute, TAFE New South Wales, Australia and Advanced Diploma in Business: Accounting, Yeronga College, TAFE Queensland, Australia.
Formerly Manager – Implementation Coordination with the Law and Justice Secretariat (2008-9)and prior to that was Corporate Planner at National Judicial Staff Services.