The Information Management Branch (IMB) comes under the Corporate Services Division headed by the Deputy Secretary-Corporate & Administrative Services. The Branch is headed by the Executive Manager – Information Management who reports directly to the Deputy Secretary-Corporate & Administrative Services.

The Branch comprises of three (3) sections and contributes to the Department’s goals and objectives by providing services in the specific areas of Information Technology, Legal Library, and Central Records Registry.

Information Technology Section

The Information Technology Sectionsupports the Department in providing and maintaining IT Services which includes administration of IT strategic planning, policy development, information services; procurement and distribution of computer hardware and software, network and technical support, website development and various legal information systems.

In particular the Section plans, implements and manages programs and specific applications systems, data communications, PCs and LAN (Local Area Networks). It identifies, procures, configures, distributes, and installs all IT hardware and software equipment and training of staff in computer skills, networking the buildings, and develops policies.

IMB Contacts

Phone: 301 2836


Executive Manager – IMB

Daniel Sakumai


Acting Executive Manager - Information Management Branch
From Manus Province and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Science (UPNG).
Formerly IT Manager