Checklists for Extradition  Request 

1) Incoming Request Extradition Checklist - PIFs - Temporary Surrender

2) Incoming Request Extradition Checklist - PIFs - Endorsed Warrants

3) Incoming Request Extradition Checklist - PIFs - Provisional Arrest Warrants

4) Extradition Act 2005

Checklists for Mutual Assistance  Request

1) Incoming MARs to PNG_Guidelines For Requesting Countries

2Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters Act 2005


Extradition Request by Pacific Island Forum Countries

The documents are in pamphlets form

1) Endosed Arrest Warrant

2) Provisional Arrest

3) Temporary Surrender

4) Mutual Legal Assistance

The Central Authority and its partners are pleased to release this report on the mutual cooperation between Papua New Guinea and other countries in addressing transnational organized crime.



LPGB Contact

All written correspondences should be addressed to:

Department of Justice & Attorney General
P O Box 591
National Capital District
For all enquiries: Level 9 Sir Buri Kidu Building Independence Drive Waigani Ph: (+675) 325 6304 Fax: 323 3661 Email:

Director -Legal Policy

Josephine Pitmur

Josephine Pitmur

Has been Legal Policy & Governance Branch Executive Director since 2013.
From East New Britain and Eastern Highlands Province.
Holds a Master of Public and International Law from the University of Melbourne, Australia and a  Bachelor of Laws Degree (LLB) from the University of Papua New Guinea(UPNG).